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Im  i got slenderman!!!!!!!!! XD so happy!!!!!
by bunnyboo123
Journals / Personal
Slender man
[ ] You're a stalker
[X] You are very tall
[ ] You don't talk much
[/] people think your creepy
[X] You wear fancy clothes
[X] You scare the crap out of people
[ ] You make people sick with your presence
[X] You make yourself known to certain people
[X] Nobody knows a lot about you
[X] Girls make cute nicknames for you

Total: 6/

Smile Dog

[ ] You are black and red
[/] You have a creepy smile
[X] Some people think you're creepy
[X] others think you're cute
[/] You're not a normal person
[ ] You talk like you're on drugs
[ ] You HATE cats
[ ] You travel at night
[ ] You love scaring people
[ ]You act like a normal person but you're really not


[ ] You're like a virus  
[ ] You talk like a drunk hippie
[ ] You look like Link
[/] you're really creepy
[X] you're good with computers  
[ ] You creep a lot of people out
[/] you act drunk
[ ] you can hack people
[X] you can be random
Total: 3

Jane The Killer

[ ] You HATE Jeff The Killer
[X] you have black hair and wear it in a ponytail sometimes
[/] You wear black lipstick ( I have, I even own black lip stick, I don't wear it much)
[ ] you are kinda pale
[X] you say "Don't go to sleep" to creep people out
[X] you've almost killed somebody
[/] you have a Chinese look to your face ( some people say I do)
[ ] you leave pictures of your face on people's phones
[ ] you're actually very pretty HANDSOME!(in a girl way ... cause im a girl)
[ ] people pair you up with Jeff The Killer  
[ ] You're disliked by a lot of people

Total: 4

Jeff The Killer
[X] You have black hair
[ ] you're really pale
[ ] you wear a white hoodie a lot
[X] you're really good with a knife  
[/] you have a psychotic look
[/] you have a crazy smile ( I can )
[ ] you HATE Jane The Killer
[ ] you are CRAZY
[x] you're very irresponsible

Total:  4


United States


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Shelby is that you. btw it's Jordan Seats
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bunnyboo123 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
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